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Adrian N. Havelock

Transform your Sales Revenue using 7 Steps today!!! 

He is the Author of ‘You Can Do This – How to Succeed in Sales and In Life’



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I have worked with clients from different industries ranging from the oil and gas sector, branding, media & advertising, retail products & services, and the finance sector.

Mr. Adrian Havelock is undoubtedly a unique, dynamic and very motivational individual.
His Upselling training course over the past five (5) weeks was very insightful, useful and applicable, to both the work and personal environment.
The method and style of his delivery was eccentric and extremely effective. The skills and techniques taught would significantly assist us all, in honing our current skills, to achieve the desired organisational goals.
His references of motivational speakers and authors will resonate with all of us, and his interaction will be etched in the minds of all, to foster world class service delivery!
We will definitely recommend Mr. Havelock to any organisation to harness his skills and techniques.

Alisha Mahabirsingh

Executive Assistant/Secretary to the Board, CLICO Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

Transformational. Providing solutions to meet customers’ needs is key.
Delivered in a dynamic format using multi-media platforms and highlighting international gurus who share their expertise and insight

Marie Gurley

Director , Prestige Business Publications Limited<br /> Who’s Who in Trinidad and Tobago<br /> Ins and Outs in Trinidad and Tobago<br /> Business Trinidad and Tobago

Mario’s Pizzeria Limited contracted Mr. Adrian Havelock to host several training sessions with our staff in 2016. Overall Mr. Havelock displayed professionalism, a winning, positive attitude and was very responsive to our concerns.
Our attendees were pleasantly surprised to learn that they can apply much of what was learnt at the course throughout the various aspects of their lives, and although the content is focused on selling, a vast span of it was on building one’s potential. Mr. Havelock has a unique approach in creating and maintaining his rapport with his audience and delivers the material in a detailed and very impactful manner.

The below encapsulates some of the comments from attendees of the training sessions;

“Very exciting and down-to-earth”
“Captivated the audience and he reached them – approached us like he was one of us”
“His chosen communication methods were very effective”
“He created a very engaging atmosphere and he was very frank and open”

Mr. Havelock has proven to be results focused and we take pride in recommending him as a strong support to building your organization

Marie Gurley

Director , Mario’s Pizzeria Limited


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